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The steady pulse of the city. A beautiful flight of the jacket on the back of the chair. Coffee stronger than a handshake. Gourmet dreams and delicious thoughts. Faber has it all.

The restaurant is a masterful break from a routine, where, as in business, there is nothing superfluous. Only delicious meals, delicious moments, delicious meetings.

To find a source of strength, a circle of like-minded people, a point of support. To be real, with a loosen tie or no heels. In the flow, in the moment. In a location where you find resources to change this world.

Faber interior
Faber interior

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Quick reservation:
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Ivan Matys

Without exaggeration, he is the star of our kitchen, whose dishes are capable of changing the idea of what is “delicious”.

Every day Ivan, with great passion for his work, cooks tasty dishes together with his team, develops new ideas, and does everything to ensure that our guests are satisfied.

And the recipe for such deliciousness is simple: only the freshest products, a variety of cooking techniques, an original combination of flavours, the creative talent of the chef and a pinch of love on top!

What dish should you try when you visit Faber?

You should try everything, but definitely “Duck fillet with caramelized pear, grapes stewed in wine and pomegranate sauce”.

Іван Матис
Андрій Гасій

F&B manager

Andriy Hasii

An expert in hospitality and a true leader of our Service Team of the Faber, Soprano and Taurus restaurant groups.

Is a restaurant only about food?

Undoubtedly, the most important thing in a restaurant is taste and comfort, high quality of dishes and service, which we try to adhere to every day. It is also important how the guests are greeted and how they are seen off, so that they want to return to the restaurant again and again.

However, the favourite restaurant is the one with a unique atmosphere in which you relax or, on the contrary, recharge. This is also influenced by the interior design, style of dishes and serving of meals, music, which takes into account the small details that create this atmosphere.


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Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Faber Restaurant in Lviv

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Faber Restaurant in Lviv


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